Reverse Osmosis

General Information

Of all methods to purify water for domestic use, the process of using reverse osmosis is the most advanced, economical and effective. reverse osmosis has the ability, unlike filters, to remove 98% + of dissolved solids, heavy metals and impurities in water.


The reverse osmosis (R/O) process works by forcing water under pressure through a special synthetic semi-permeable membrane. The membrane has the astounding quality of attracting water molecules and repelling dissolved impurities, even those smaller than the water molecules themselves.


The reverse osmosis purifiers remove all the contaminants of concern to the consumer including bacteria, viruses, parasites, heavy metals, inorganic chemicals, pesticides and algae. Domestic units are designed to be used on pre- treated municipal water only.


Reverse osmosis purifiers flush the impurities down the drain. Therefore R/O systems have no problem with bacteria build up and odour problems in waste water.

Reverse osmosis systems oxygenate the water so it has a lively fresh taste unlike distilled water, which can have a flat dead taste, uses electricity and provides a very limited supply.


With reverse osmosis you can rest assured that your drinking water is the best quality possible and good for your family’s health and well being due to it not being full of chlorine.


We can supply and install 5 stage RO systems in most kitchen cupboards. Call us for an installed price.