MG – Manganese Removal

On most sites, Shakesby iron removal systems will also reduce Manganese levels to well below permitted levels. Where tests indicate that this may not be achieved, the MG range of additional filters may be recommended.


These units are regenerating filters that primarily remove the Manganese. They do not exchange for other metals, such as Sodium, or add anything to the water.


System: In conjunction with Shakesby Iron Removal Filters or 'stand alone'.


Manganese level: So far limitless, we haven't been beaten yet!


Filter Media: Manganese dioxide based.


Regeneration Frequency: up to 14 days or volume controlled (dependent on site conditions).


Max. Flow rate: Function of site condition

Model MG1054 MG1054 MG1665 MG1865
Max. Rec. Flow rate 1.135 2.16 3.96 3.96
Dimensions (H x W) 64”x15” 64”x15” 75”x15” 78”x15”

The Homespring Filter

Most water treatment systems on the market take up space underneath the sink and are inconvenient to use due to there slow speeds.  They also only provide a limited supply of water to the home, usually through one special tap in the kitchen.

The Homespring Ultra filtration System enables the home owner to obtain safer, better tasting water from every tap in the entire house by filtering water at the point of entry. In addition to providing an effective barrier to bacteria, parasites and viruses this self-contained water treatment system, will distribute refreshing, crystal clear water to every tap in the home providing its on a pressurised supply.


Furthermore, a Homespring Ultra filtration System can yield additional cost savings to the home owner by eliminating the need for bottled water and the costs of maintaining kitchen-based water treatment systems. Finally, home owners can enjoy peace of mind and take water quality for granted with the convenience of a Homespring Ultra filtration System.

System Specifications

Homespring™ model number   UF211/UFC211
Max rated peak flow in gallons (liters) per minute  11 (42)
Max rated continuous flow in gallons (liters) per min  4.5 (17)
Carbon filter capacity in gallons (liters)  130,000 (0.49)
Installation height (vertical mount) inches (cm)  74 (188)
Footprint (vertical mount) inches (cm)  18 x 18 (45 x 45)
Maximum ambient temperature  60°C (140°F)

Homespring controllers  Advanced plus
Maximum peak flow rate (LPM/USgal)  Up to 42/11
Maximum continuous flow rate (LPM/USgal) 17/4.5
Minimum temperature (°C/°F)  >0/32
Maximum temperature (°C/°F)  <38/100
Approximate flush volume (litres/USgal)  45/12
Typical system efficiency*  95%
Controller Voltage (VAC)  120 / 230
Bacteria Removal**  >99.9999%
Virus removal **  >99.99%
Cyst removal **  >99.95%

*Depends upon model, water quality and flow rate.
**Please see certification and testing data for more information