We can help you by designing and installing a below ground lawn sprinkler system with pop up sprinklers or hand watering points. Lawn sprinkler systems come in all sizes, shapes and prices. The price of a lawn sprinkler system is dependent on the quality of materials and design features of the system. No purchase could apply to the old adage "You get what you pay for" more than that of a underground sprinkler system. High quality materials and a well designed system can cost more up front, but the crucial choices will produce dramatic savings in the long term maintenance, but more importantly, water savings.

Some of the most important features of a lawn sprinkler system are listed below.

  • Separate lawn and shrub areas into separate zones. The water needs of plants and turf are dramatically different. Each individual zone will be controlled separately by a simple to use adjustable timer.
  • Installed on the correct sized piping. MDPE is a flexible pipe that will not freeze and crack like rigid PVC, its easy to repair, and in some cases comes with a manufacturers lifetime warranty. While poly can have slightly less flow characteristics a properly designed system will provide peace of mind for many years.
  • Use a timer with multiple features such as multiple programs, multiple start times, rain/freeze sensor switches, percent adjustment, semi-automatic start buttons, battery backup and a manual watering mode.
  • We only use good quality solenoid valves and sprinkler heads made by Bermad and Rain-Bird
  • Anyone can install a cheap system, but not everyone can install a high quality affordable system

For us to design a system we will need to know a few things this can be discussed when you call the office.