Borehole Drilling Services in Ipswich

Ever rising water rates are making people try to conserve water, but sometimes you still need the water whether you are a private home owner or a business.


By having your own private water well supply the cost of the borehole can soon be recovered. The more you use the quicker the pay back will be.

Many old properties have a poor supply from their local water company, your own supply will give you the water pressure and amount that you require.


You may want to use the borehole to fill a pond or lake that dries out in the summer? 

You may require the water for irrigation purposes?

You may have a business or farm that requires a lot of water daily?


Whatever the reason, we can drill you a borehole that can provide a free supply of up to 20,000 litres per day.


In periods of drought, private supplies are not subject to drought restrictions so you may carry on using the supply as you wish.

Businesses or private domestic users are eligible and no licenses or permissions are required. You only need an abstraction license from the Environment Agency if you require in excess of 20,000 litres per day


Many areas of East Anglia are situated above the chalk aquifer which is an ideal source of water. The pure water contained within is used by the water companies to provide drinking water to almost all of the homes and businesses in the East of England.


Independence – Your very own private water supply, under your control.


Reduce Costs – Free from water authority charges or shared maintenance costs. A correctly installed borehole pump has low running costs and requires very little maintenance.


Abstraction license fees are only applicable where abstraction exceeds 20 cubic meters per day (that’s 4400 gallons) this really takes some doing.


An Asset – Reliable long-term investment adds value to your property.


Natural – Pure water from underground aquifers that has not been subjected to Chlorine dosing or excessive chemical treatments.

Equipment and Operatives
All equipment is maintained to an exceptionally high level and is fully Health and Safety Executive compliant.
Drill operators are qualified to NVQ level 2 in Land Drilling and are CSCS (construction skills certification scheme) card holders ensuring that all work is carried out in a safe and efficient manner.


Borehole Specification
In normal circumstances our boreholes are drilled using the shell and auger method. Approximately six meters is drilled at a diameter of 200mm which is lined with a plain steel casing. The remainder of the hole is drilled at 160mm diameter to whatever depth is necessary to achieve the desired result.
During the course of drilling, no polymers or chemicals are added to the process. Compared to rotary drilling it is far less intrusive and a cleaner way to drill

Once drilling is completed the hole will be lined with WRAS (water regulation advisory scheme) approved PVC casings which are slotted to allow water to percolate through. The slotted casing is wrapped in a fine mesh to stop debris from entering the borehole. This is aided with a fine gravel pack poured around the mesh to stop it blinding up with silts.


The well casings are grouted into position for approximately 4-6 meters at the top of the hole; this both holds the casings in place and helps to reduce risk of contamination through surface run off. The well casing is then capped and sealed.


Water Quantity and Quality
While there can be no absolute guarantee of finding water in every situation, consultation to detailed geological maps combined with local knowledge ensures that your borehole will only be drilled when there is a good chance of success.

The water quality of your borehole will be entirely dependent on the strata’s through which it flows. In any event, should it be necessary, borehole water can be treated or filtered to reach required quality standards. Please bear in mind 99 out 100 times no treatment is required for irrigation purposes or pond/lake filling.
Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone have a borehole?

Providing you have suitable space available, in almost all cases it is possible.


Will a borehole save me money?

In most cases good savings can be made once the initial outlay has been recovered.


Do I need any permission?

Up to 20 cubic meters per 24 hours can be abstracted without license in most areas without application. However as drilling contractors we are obliged to provide the British Geological Survey (BGS) with information relating to any new borehole over 15mtrs.


Can I drink the water?

Almost every borehole can provide drinking water although in some cases filtration or treatment may be required to bring the water to drinking standards.


How deep will my borehole be?

Borehole depths vary greatly depending on individual circumstances. We have boreholes working successfully from drilled depths of only 6mtrs


How long will it take?

With good ground conditions, drilling of a standard "open hole" can sometimes be completed in a couple of days but in most circumstances allow a week. Pump testing alone needs to run for approximately 24 hours.

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